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Verfasst: 12 Okt 2020, 17:48
von Ernst Pollmann
Dear colleagues,
some of you may already know the software SpectroCalc designed by Manfred Schwarz (Austria).
SpectroCalc2 is for processing the whole chain for a spectrum, from RAW images to the finish spectrum with build-in documentation.
It drastically reduces processing time and delivers accurate and reproducible results. Some functions are currently unique, such as the auto-alignment of several spectra in the 1/100 pixel range). Every parameter change is immediately visible in the spectrum displayed. The program is easy and intuitive to use.

Despite the longer test phase, small errors can of course still be hidden in the program. It is also possible that one or the other useful function is missing.
In this case, please contact:
Manfred Schwarz:
In any case, your feedback is welcome.
Here the link to the web page:

Ernst Pollmann