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New ProAm Campaign on YHGs (Yellow Hyper Giants)

Verfasst: 23 Jul 2018, 16:41
von Patricia
Liebe Spektroskopiker,

Malin Moll und Christoph Quandt arbeiten und forschen an einer Langzeitkampagne über gelben Hyperriesen. Sie beobachten insbesondere die Blauverschiebung
von rho Cas. Die Kampagne erfolgt in Zusammenarbeit mit Anna Aret und Indrek Kolka aus der Universität Tartu in Estland.
Wer sich dafür interessiert, darf natürlich gerne mitmachen. Im Anhang und weiter unten findet ihr weitere Informationen zur Kampagne:
(Herzliche Grüsse, Patricia)


Hi all,

Malin and I are happy that we can announce a new Pro-Am-Campaign on the Yellow Hypergiants, especially rho Cas!

The story behind this campaign is that we both are interested in doing some work on real science. So we started in November 2017 a brainstorming. The result is based on the idea to work on a object(s) that is bright enough for small equipment and circumpolar for the region of Germany.
Additionally the object and questions on it had to fit our spare time and of course weather conditions. That means an observation about all five to seven days if the weather allows.

So we came up with the Yellow Hypergiants. It is a rare class of stars that are thought to develop blueward.
After some own work on this idea we contacted Anna Aret and Indrek Kolka from Tartu observatory, two professional Astronomers working on the Yellow Hypergiants and with M. Kraus and G. Maravelias authors of the latest paper, we found about rho Cas.
After some correspondence we had the idea to start this campaign.

We attach an announcement letter. There you can find all necessary information for contribution on this project.

This thread will be to inform on new things of the campaign. We also want to inform via blog format on the spectroscopy web page belonging to this forum.
For discussion we will establish a new thread in the observations section.

Malin and Christoph